The Blood of the Spear – WiP Report 4

or The Long and Winding Road More time has passed then I care to think about since my last update. Work during this time has been intermittent, the Black Dog is a heartless master but you do what you can. I am currently working through the FINAL rewrites of The Blood of the Spear. The […]

The Blood of the Spear – WiP Report 3

Hello fair readers! It’s been some time since I graced you with an update, and I know you are all waiting with baited breath to hear how it’s going… Well. It’s going. I am currently working on the last PoV doc, and am sitting at 87% of the 5ht draft manuscript done. It’s hard to […]

The Blood of the Spear – WiP Report 2

I’ve just come back from two weeks of a annual leave and the 5th draft of TBotS is now sitting at 56% complete. I had a lovely time imagining that I was a full-time writer, working for myself. I was up at 7am every morning , coffee in hand, and writing until 9am to stop […]

The Blood of the Spear – WiP Report 1ea

I’ve been working on this book, The Blood of the Spear, for a long time. Its genesis spark flared to back in 1992 or so but if the truth be told I’ve only been writing it since 2010. I am now on my fifth draft, having sent the 4th out to beta-readers and getting a […]

Slow Going

This restructure I decided to undertake is playing havoc with my mojo in the rewrites. That and the fact that I didn’t write anywhere near as much as I had planned over my holidays. Anyway I am now at 67% rewritten – and  good chunk of the ‘new’ chapters I have just worked on will need more […]

Forging Ahead

I spent the better part of the weekend writing and am now at 51% through the 3rd draft of The Epic. I’ll finish it one day. I also got my eyes tested and its official – I pick up my glasses this coming weekend (at least I hope I do as the computer screen at […]

Progress Report (or the lack thereof)

I was very slack this past weekend. No writing was done. Maybe I needed a rest, but I really want to get this finished. So when I do take time off I feel… guilty. Now I am not being ‘to hard on myself’ – hello, Procrastination by thy name – but it just feels like […]