The Elder God of the Sun, called the Sunlord by some. He is the son of Li’aria.

Fourth son of the current King of Aldania.

Princess of Sithapia, Ardhel in-waiting.

A young Sola’var of Hanore; friend to Kaiel and Simeon.

see Xious’bisan.

Sovereign or monarch; the person who holds by life tenure and hereditary right, the chief authority over the Realm of Sithapia and its people.

Old tongue for Star Cradle. 2. The Citadel of the Shaluay, located in the Black Sands desert of Amaria.

A daemon the size of a foal, it has the body and legs of a spider and torso that resembles a human child.

Shaluay Ambassador to the Ciralys in Serjat. Former teacher of Iana.

The energy that manifests all creation and the language that gives it shape. The Eye of Eternity is perceived as the font of Asai. Women see the energy as a gold light and men see it as a silver light; it is not known why this is so, as it is the same energy.

see Brotherhood of the Asp.

A person who is in training in the Palace of the Eye to become a Ciralys. It is the first rank of a Palace initiate, beneath that of the Awakened.

A continent broken in the Eastern Half and the Western realms by the Sundering.

Men and women who are in training in the Place of the Eye to become Ciralys. They have passed their Aspirant training but are not yet full members of the order.

A desert in Amaria extending across the majority of the realm; so named for the colour of its sand.

An Amarian blademaster, trained by the Shi-Kaan Monks and considered without equal in their mastery of the sword on the Broken Continent.

A wielder of Asai who willingly enters, or has thrust upon them, a symbiotic relationship with a csitargon daemon to gain power they would not normally wield.

An undead dragon.

People who dwell in the Borderland Wilds, predominantly in the Three Citadels.

Untamed lands that run between the eastern edge of Aldania and the western side of Dal’mere.

Wife to Malik Toranth, aunt to Kaiel and Darien.

A mercenary company based in Jaroff and often retained by the Carbinah.

1. A tresilian artefact crafted for Varos Korin’ad, leader of the Sahrin.

2. The symbol of House Taaren’th and the Clan of the Bronze Spear. Also see Ne’ronsylari.

Personal guardsmen of the royal House of Aldania, considered to be among the deadliest hand-to-hand combat fighters outside of Amaria.

The formulaic vocalisation of Asai to produce a specific result or effect.

An Aldanian office of governorship appointed by the Royal Court in Dainyaia to the Borderland Wilds. A Carbinah is appointed for a term of four years.

Sky Lord of the Second Circle of the Ciralys.

A Shol’mas priest partially imbued with the essence of the Lord they serve. They are identified by motes of golden light flickering across their eyes.

A Ciralys artefact, created in imitation of the Sahrin’s tresilians. The majority of ci’nar can only be used by a Ciralys attuned to the same Sphere as its creator; some few ci’nar can be used by anyone such as keystones, speakstones and sunstones. The manufacturing of these is controlled by Ciralys Artificers.

Wielders of Asai, the order pre-dates the Sundering during which time they were assistants and administrators to the Sahrin. They consider themselves to be the rightful inheritors of the Sahrin’s lost knowledge and authority. They are unable to summon empyreans.

A society within the Ciralys Order. These societies are neither philosophical nor political –although Circles undertake political manoeuvring. There are five Circles, and each one represents one element – or Sphere – of Asai. Each Ciralys belongs to the Circle that represents the Sphere they have a natural affinity to. The colour of the skystone rings of their Khaderneous medallion indicates to which Circle a Ciralys belongs.

Captain of Glass Bay’s outer guard.

The stone in the neck torque of all Shaluay Starbinders, linking them to the Starwells and the Swarm.

An ore extracted from skystones. If placed against the skin, it prevents wielders of Asai and Des’maadr from using their abilities and causes great pain and illness.

Son of the Nataya Desrin, father of Zaria, Captain of the Black Sail ship the Crow.

Foremost ship of the Drowned Blades.

An artefact pre-dating the Sahrin, that served as a seal upon a gateway in Nemis’draal, a city of the Ancients.

A large crystalline tower built by the Sahrin Serjat. Chapterhouse of the Ciralys in that city.

A denizen of the Abyss.

see Dycinion.

Considered a lesser species of daemon, these dog-like creatures have limited intelligence and are tenacious hunters. Under the command of a higher daemon, they can temporarily obtain a humanoid form.

See Kas’tirien.

An impassable mountain range in northern Amaria that rose during the Sundering, effectively closing all access to Amaria via land.

The capital city of Aldania.

High Asairic for Deadlands. An area of south-eastern Athmay that was destroyed at the end of the War of the Summoners. It is home to the remnants of the Korda’vari Hordes and is characterised by poisons and roaming packs of daemons. The Veil between worlds is weak here.

An abandoned mining site in the Borderland Wilds that the Kas’tirien used as their base of operations in the years after the Sundering. It is now the testing ground for those initiates seeking to become an apprentice to a Daemon Hunter.

A young man from Hanore. Younger half-brother to Kaiel Toranth.

see Dal’mere.

Proprietor of the Sea Lion Inn in Glass Bay.

The energy that dwells in the Void. The antithesis of Asai.

Rulers of the Void and its daemonic inhabitants.

The twelfth month of the calendar year and the first month of winter.

An inconsolable feeling of sorrow, loss or grief that comes upon the Var that cannot be lifted. This emotion was the root cause of the fall of the Var Imperium.

A veteran member of the Hanore Rangers.

Giant daemons from the deeper planes of the Void, they are said to be amongst the most deadly of the Des’maadrians’ minions and are driven by rage and bloodlust. Their bodies resemble that of dragons, with four legs, wings and a spiked tail but their upper torsos are humanoid in form with a broad chest, two arms and a horned head. It is believed to have been centuries since a Dreadlord last manifested on the mortal plane. The boneswords of the Kas’tirien are made from their remains.

see Isae’eldar.

The corsairs of Glass Bay.

A daemon cat that was released into Sobia during the War of the Sundering. It is highly intelligent and has a scorpion-like tail that paralyses its prey so that it may feast on living flesh. Its blood is acidic and burns the skin and can even damage metal.

Largest city on the east coast of Aldania, ruled by the High Prince of House Sarentis, vassal to House Niskeri.

The eight members of the council that rules Tremor-Salaya.

The elemental deities whose complex dance forms reality.

Beings that dwell within the Light of the Eye of Eternity.

1. The Sahrin who bonded with the Phoenix, the most powerful of empyreans.

2. Title of the leader of the Sahrin.

A seemingly indestructible stone-like material created by the Sahrin in all their constructions. The secret to its creation was lost during the Sundering.

see Glass Bay.

A reclusive, long-lived humanoid species native to Sobia, the Evay are natural wielders of Asai and deadly blademasters. Their culture is ancient and highly advanced but hidden from humanity.

Earth Keeper, leader of the First Circle of the Ciralys.

1. A nebula of five entwined rings that form an eye in the sky that is visible at night. This nebula is theorised to be the centre of the universe and the font of Asai.

2. A tattoo of light, identical to the nebula of the same name that floats on the back of the right hand of any man, woman or child who can learn to wield Asai and to summon the empyreans, or daemons.

A scout of the Bronze Guard.

Prime Councillor of the Crystal Spire.

Leader of Glass Bay, elected by the Captains of the Drowned Blades; while the tenure of a First lasts as long as they live, the natural term of their life is often cut short by assassination.

The Elder God of Earth, consort to Tarin.

Daemon tongue for Korda’var.

A remote enclave of exiles, criminals and corsairs on the north-eastern coast of Dal’mere. Ruled by the First.

A Sola’var in Glass Bay.

A volcano in the depths of Dal’mere, said to have been the site of a city of the Sahrin.

 A Sahrin Citadel on the Borderlands built during the War of the Summoners; now home to families who wish to live free from the Houses of Aldania.

A tradition begun during the Age of Chaos that allowed Witch Covenant apprentices to join the Ciralys, thus bolstering their depleted ranks.

The language of the Sahrin now spoken only by scholars, some nobles, and the Ciralys. It is claimed that this is the language of creation and is needed to wield Asai, yet speaking the language alone does not affect reality itself. Its structure and meaning are somewhat fluid as the runes of Asai are multi-dimensional; thus, words and phrases may have different meanings, depending on the context.

The name given to the Varian forces tainted by Des’maadr during the War of the Summoners.

The scholar, artisan and mystic caste of the Var. They are slender and tall, have elongated faces, pointed ears and slanted eyes.

A sphere, or aspect, of Asai as identified to correlate to the element of fire. Ciralys who are naturally attuned to this sphere have ruby-coloured skystones.

Daemonic tongue for Bloodlord.

Sahrin for Dreamhold. These are Sahrin cities seen to sit high in mountain ranges that rose during the Sundering. These are often impossible to reach, and those that can be are unable to be entered.

The independent city-state of the Ciralys, one of only two cities to survive the Sundering at the end of the War of the Summoners.

The seat occupied by the King of Aldania.

A High House of Tremor-Salaya.

Captain of the Hanore Rangers.

Former capital of Aldania during the rule of House Taaren’th, now a back-water trading post at the south-eastern edge of the Realm.

A long, slim blade with a slight curve, forged by the Shi-Kaan Monks for the Blay Shon. Created with techniques learnt pre-Sundering, the blades will not nick, bend or break unless their owner falls in battle.

Spirit Seer, leader of the Fifth Circle of the Ciralys.

A Daemon Hunter applicant from Hanore. Older half-brother to Darien Toranth.

An order with origins in the War of the Sundering, these men and women wander the edges of Dal’mere to ensure no daemon escapes into the Realms ruled by humankind.

A rank within the Witch Covenants of Aldania.

Keeper of the Citadel of Hanore. Also see, Shanaya dyn’Tian.

The Keeper of Sonyth.

1. High Asairic for the Eye of Eternity, similar in shape to the nebula of the same name.

2. The symbol used as the emblem of the Ciralys.

An iridescent metal of various colours, similar to dragonscale, forged by the Xious’bisan. Kharidium is lighter and stronger than steel and highly favoured by the Blood for the making of weapons and armour. Also referred to as Ant Forged.

Those Sola’var who followed the Sahrin sworn to the Des’maadrian, Di’shana. They have been tainted by Des’maadr and regressed in intelligence, growing armour-like scales of
stone upon their bodies and daemonic horns on their heads. They are also called Tainted.

Shol’mas Lady of Fire.

A everstone platform that acts as the entry and exit point of Ley Path.

see Renimor.

The Elder Goddess of Fire.

An undead being who has used Asai to unnaturally extend its life.

1. Also known as Asai.

2. A title of the Scion of Isoliere.

An Amarian Blay Shon.

A saurian race native to Het’ar.

Those Hyla’var who followed the Sahrin sworn to the Des’maadrian, Di’shana. These are the battle leaders of the Horde. A melding of Hyla’var and daemons, they are devastatingly fast and have heightened reflexes. Though they can differ in appearance, they are all tall, have pale white skin, and cloven hooves in place of feet. Also called Tainted.

The Elder God of Water, father of Taluun.

 Brother of Mar’ee Toranth, uncle of Kaiel and Darien Toranth.

A solitary daemon of fire, this denizen of the Void is largely bestial and often used in the vanguard of the Des’maadrian Hordes.

Mother of Kaiel and Darien Toranth.

A corsair of Glass Bay.

The capital city of Tomassia.

A Shol’mas Lord imprisoned within an ancient tower in the Sukmaanai Swamp.

Orphaned apprentice to the Hanore Keeper.

A powerful daemon with four legs and chitin-like armour, they are often found as captains in daemonic legions.

First Captain of Glass Bay.

1. Sahrin for Bronze Spear.

2. A tresilian artefact crafted for the war leader of the Sahrin during the War of the Summoner, pre-Sundering.

1. The sea that divides the Eastern and Western Realms of Athmay.

2. A Realm that sunk beneath a new sea due to a shift in the continental plate during the Sundering.

The royal House of Aldania, leaders of the Clan of the Iron Boar.

A human under the possession of a daemon, or allied to, the daemons of the Void.

The third month of autumn.

A city on the east coast of Sithapia.

The font of all elemental force, considered the first of the Elder Gods.

The principal seat of learning for all Ciralys, located in Isoliere.

Head of the Ciralys in the Crystal Spire, second in authority to the Scion.

A trading post between Jaroff and Ebron.

The first month of spring.

1. Sahrin for White Road.

2. A roadway that exists outside of the material plane, allowing those who walk its path to travel much faster than those in the world outside.

A Sithapian hereditary title ranking immediately below a prince.

A major waterway of Aldania that stretches across the Realm from Dainyaia to the Borderlands.

A Ciralys of the Fifth Circle.

Son of the Steward of Hanore.

A Captain of the Bronze Guard.

Elder Goddess of the Moon.

A derogatory term referring to an Amarian.

A game played by two people in opposition, each with 24 pieces on a board of octagon titles.

The Shol’mas Lord of Justice.

The elected leader of the Ciralys. A political rank comparable to that of a monarch.

Capital city of Tremor-Salaya.

Daughter of the Steward of Hanore.

see Lloth’var.

An order of historians, healers and seers who use Starwells as the source of their power. Pre-Sundering they held a high position as advisors to the people in place of the Sahrin.

Keeper of Hanore, one of the three Borderland citadels. Mentor of Darien and Meg.

The rulers of the Darvelanian Empire.

An order of Amarian monks who practise a martial art and philosophy based on Sahrin doctrine. Their temple is located in the south-east corner of the desert of Black Sands.

A title referring to beings of immense power which appeared to humans after the Sundering, claiming to be messengers of the gods.

A structure or place consecrated or devoted to an Elder God.

Capital city of Sithapia.

North-western most realm of Athmay.

A small, scaled monkey-like daemon that infests the Sukmaanai swamp. They are carnivorous and territorial.

Debris that falls from the Sormelene Span. Said to be formed of manifest Asai and highly prized by the Ciralys.

The planet on which the continent of Athmay is located.

The builder, worker and soldier caste of the Var. They are physically large and strong, and both sexes often exceed 6 foot 5 in height with pointed ears and slanted eyes. The males are characterised with baldness.

One of three Sahrin citadels on the Borderlands, built during the War of the Summoners; now home to families who wish to live free from the Houses of Aldania.

The band of crystalline rock that orbits Sobia.

Those individual parts of Asai that have been identified as attuned to the element of an Elder God.

The elected leader of the Fifth Circle of the Ciralys.

see Shaluay Starbinders.

Constructs scattered across Athmay that are utilised by the Shaluay. Little is known as to their function other than they do not utilise Asai.

The elected leaders of the citadels in the Borderlands who hold their position for life. The Stewards of Hanore have been elected from the same family for five hundred years.

A large swamp in northern Dal’mere.

The event that ‘broke’ the continent of Athmay. This is believed to have occurred at the end of the War of the Summoners.

ci’nar that glows with a light brighter than candles or torches.

A Kas’tirien from Hanore. Former mentor to Kaiel Toranth.

A High House, they were the descendants of Varos Korin’ad and led the Clan of the Bronze Spear. They ruled Aldania after the Sundering until House Niskeri overthrew them.

see Korda’var and Lloth’var.

The elite guard of the Ciralys.

The Elder God of the Sea, son of Maasta.

The Elder Goddess of Nature, consort of Garnavaar.

Ciralys of the Third Circle, a long-time advisor to Prince Alesandr Niskeri, teacher of Darien Toranth.

 A tresilian artefact held by the Fifth Circle of the Ciralys, said to give the holder the ability to perceive the future.

see Skystones.

A building dedicated to the worship of a specific Shol’mas Lord; maintained and populated by that Shol’mas Lord’s priesthood.

Three Sahrin citadels built during the war of the Summoner, on the edge of what was the Atresian Plains. Now occupied by the descendants of refugees who wish a life free of the rule of the High Lords of the Realms.

A codex written before the Sundering that compiles the Sahrin’s knowledge of the High Asairic runes.

A Sahrin citadel on the Borderlands, built during the War of the Sundering; now home to families who wish to live free from the Houses of Aldania.

Prince Regent of Sithapia, uncle to Andraste.

An artefact formed from Asai by the Sahrin for a specific purpose and usable by any sphere. Most were lost during the Sundering and are highly valued by Isoliere. The closest the Ciralys can come to replicating these are the ci’nar.

A skreet set apart by its large size and deadly tusks. Characteristically solitary by nature compared to its brethren who live in packs.

A species of daemon that uses hypnosis and mind control to kill its prey. It can pass as human in shadow and in twilight. They are often used as scouts for the daemon hordes.

The first civilization to rise after the Sundering. Ruled the Hyla’vari Congress, it provided stability and order in the vacuum left by the Sahrin.

Varian term for people, or person.

The last Leader of the Sahrin. At the time of the Sundering, he was the Empyros. Also see Empyros.

The Aldanian order of gryphon riders.

The dimension from which Des’maadr and daemons originate.

A Des’maadrian virus that links a host with a daemon and either enables possession or feeds the daemons the host’s life force.

The civil war between the Sahrin who followed the Elder Gods and those who swore themselves to the Des’maadrian, Di’shana, that occurred approximately four thousand years ago.

A person who can see and direct Asai.

The act of using Asai.

A wielder of Asai who does not follow the teachings of the Sahrin.

A human who is born with the ability to perceive and wield Asai.

Half-Amarian aide to the Shaluay Ambassador Arais.

Daughter of Corwyn Desrin, granddaughter of Nataya Desrin.