Progress Report (or the lack thereof)

I was very slack this past weekend. No writing was done.

Maybe I needed a rest, but I really want to get this finished. So when I do take time off I feel… guilty. Now I am not being ‘to hard on myself’ – hello, Procrastination by thy name – but it just feels like I’ve been doing this forever.

But as much as I want it done, I was want it to be as good as I can make it so… I’ll let myself write as I write.

However. I have put together a new writing schedule (and yes, I realise that the trick with schedule’s is to stick with them) and I am hoping that this will push the progress a little faster. Of course this schedule (which includes weeknights) will only last until the new World of Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria comes out on Tuesday the 25th of September. Then… well. it will be back to Saturday and Sunday only, and maybe five pages a night on the week nights.

The biggest thing for me at the moment is getting past feeling like everything I’ve written is rubbish. The more I look at it the more I see needs to be done. And I am meant to be cutting words, but these things I am seeing require I add more.

It’s driving me crazy!

The internal Critic is evil – yet I also hope he’s a necessary evil and that by pushing myself harder – in an effort to shut him up – I might actually finish a novel I will be proud of.

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