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I’ve finally done it and gone and set up a newsletter.

Rest assured, I don’t have plans to spam people with pointless emails, or annoying opinions (well, unless you find my opinions annoying already – in which case, ummmm, why are you here?).

No, no! The newsletter – when it is sent out at all – will go out once per week, listing the posts that have gone up since last you might have visited.

I’ve found since moving my website off the traditional wordpress blog that there is no ‘follow’ feature for those of you who might like to do so. Therefore, the newsletter has been born.

The newsletter, and subscription to it, will also be the key to gaining access to short stories (or character sketches) set in the world of my novel – coming soon!

So the plan is to use the newsletter to let you know about blog posts, to share download links to short stories (when available) and to keep you informed about my general news in the wonderful world of authoring. Rest assured, if there is no news you will get no newsletter.

And, of course, you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

You can subscribe via the link on the website header, the widget above the website footer – or even just here!

For those of you concerned about the information you might be giving away when subscribing, you can find my Privacy Policy here.

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