The Wheel of Time TV Show

Well, I watched The Wheel of Time TV Show on Prime.

Anyone who knows me will know that The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan has been the single biggest influence on me as a reader, and on my own writing, since I picked up The Eye of the World back in 1990.

I’ve always been hesitant about books I love being turned into TV shows (or movies) as I find it difficult to reconcile what I’ve internalised with other people’s visions (it’s also one of the reasons I find it a challenge chatting about favoured books and speculating in forums). I was very hopeful for The Wheel of Time, but doubts began to raise their heads. when I saw the trailer. Not with the actors or casting, but rather production and story choices.

I’m not going to pick the show apart, there is little point to that imo (and no small apprehension of being attacked by people who love the books and have forgiven everything that’s been done in the show because at last they have a show), but I was underwhelmed. And the shows vision of Channeling? The white mists? I just can’t.

The thing that speaks most strongly to me about all my many unreconciled feelings is the title of the review in Variety: ‘Too Much Story, Told Too Hurriedly‘.

I do hope people enjoy the show – and I will keep watching. And I hope it brings new fans to the books (although I fear they’ll be in for a surprise when they pick them up – might be a good surprise?).

And maybe I’ll be won over as it goes, time will tell.

Oh, one thing I loved? The opening credits. Amazing! 😍 Those threads have all the colours I am missing in the show’s version of Channeling the One Power. 🤷‍♂️

Ambivalently yours, Mark.

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