Republic of Thieves Update

For those of you who are waiting – like me – for the next installment is Lynch’s awesome series.

It’s getting closer but looks like we’re going to have a little wait still.

From Lynch Industries:

Q: What the hell is going on with The Republic of Thieves?
A: My current necessary edit to TRoT has been shot all to hell by that lovely anxiety I’ve mentioned. I haven’t talked much about it because I hate talking about it. I can be usefully open about my depression in a way I can’t about my anxiety attacks. Sorry. Suffice to say: They are the reason we can’t have nice things. I have a very good feeling at the moment, however, because I know something you do not. When I can say more, I will not be shy.

Well I’ve said it before and I’ve say it again – I don’t mind waiting for good fantasy books (not too much anyway).

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