State of Play

Mark gives an update and outlines his state of play for 2021.


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The Blood of the Spear 100%
The Towers of the Stars 1%

Review: The Mark of Ran

From the Archives: The Mark of Ran Sea Beggars Book One By Paul Kearney The world is dying, seemingly forsaken by its creator. Mankind schemes, plots and wages wars across it, forgetting that another race once dwelled here. To some they where Angels, exiled for a long-forgotten crime; to others they were demons… So starts…

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Review: The Steerswoman’s Road

The Steerswoman’s Road By Rosemary Kirstein BUY IT When the steerswoman Rowan discovers a small, lovely blue jewel of obviously magical origin, her innocent questions lead to secret after startling secret, each more dangerous than the last—and suddenly Rowan must flee or fight for her life. Or worse, she must lie. With every wizard in…

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