State of Play

Mark gives an update and outlines his state of play for 2021.


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Mark's bookshelf


The Blood of the Spear 100%
The Towers of the Stars 1%

A Land Fit for Heroes

[youtube] Have you read Richard Morgan’s fantasy series yet? You should. It’s awesome and book two is now out in paperback. Gritty and in your face, Morgan deftly sidesteps the more traditional aspects of epic fantasy to bring an earthiness and ‘real world’ feel to this exciting tale of magic, mystery, war and politics, that…

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1 Whole Year

A Dance with DragonsA Song of Ice and Fire #5By George R R MartinBUY IT ____________________________________________________________ This title needs no introduction truly. However as GRRM has posted on his blog ADWD has been on the NYT Bestseller list for 12 months today. Wow. Of course the book has been out longer than that but it’s been on…

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