Review: Dust of the Darkness

Dust of Darkness
The Riven realm Book 2
By Deck Matthews

Fleeing the ruins of his broken life, Caleb Rusk arrives in the sleepy village of Timberford. But when a series of brutal and vicious attacks stir the community into a terrified frenzy, Caleb and his friends must join with his bond-brother, Carvesh Tarne, a Cinderborn healer and a reclusive trapper to defend the village from the swarm of shadowbeasts that threatens to destroy them.

In the city of Taralius, a high ranking abbot is butchered in the heart of his cathedral. With evidence pointing to the involvement of the notorious assassins known as the White Glove, Second Corporal Avendor Tarcoth finds himself faced with the spectres of a past he thought he’d left behind. Meanwhile, the blind old sage, Tiberius Alaran, tracks down a lead that could help explain why Hearthborn are suddenly burning out in the city—all while trying to protect secrets of his own.

But unbeknownst to either Avendor or Tiberius, a new player is sent to join the game—and her’s is a kiss of death.

147 pages
Published by Echo Enduring Media
Published on July 15, 2019
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This book picks up right were ‘The First of Shadows‘ left off and with a little introduction throws the reader head long into an epic adventure of magic, demons, politics and conspiracies.

I don’t know what I like more, the epic flow of Matthew’s narrative and his very cool characters, or the thrilling unveiling of the world of Varkas and its nuanced construction. As a world-builder myself I want to know EVERYTHING about it, as a reader I CANNOT WAIT for the next book!

I honestly can’t say enough about the talent of Deck Matthews.

From the first sample I read on his website back at the start of the year he has captivated my reading imagination and – having read everything he has produced to date – I have little hesitation in saying that if he continues on this track he will easily take the place as one of my favorite fantasy authors.

If you haven’t started the Riven Realm saga yet, and you are a fan of Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, then do yourself a favor and start today.

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