State of play

Mark gives an update and outlines his state of play for 2020.


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Mark's bookshelf


The Blood of the Spear 100%
The Towers of the Stars 1%

Review: Incursion

IncursionThe Necromancer’s Key: Book OneBy Mitchell Hogan A corrupted power stirs from beyond the grave.A sacred order of knights sworn to protect the world from evil.The Necromancer Queen will rise again. Seventeen years have passed since the Necromancer Queen Talia was overthrown and slain, and her capital city destroyed by the Knights of the Order…

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SPFBO 2019

I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time, and to read more of the authors who have been nominate and made it to the top ten. But the best laid plans of mice and men… In any case, here are the top 10 finalists in the SPFBO 2019. What is SPFBO? Chances are,…

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