The Wheel of Time is now Completed

Brandon Sanderson has posted on his blog here that he’s finished the final draft of A Memory of Light and handed it over to ‘Team Jordan’ to do copy edit and proof reading.

And then, today, I did not have a Wheel of Time book to work on.

In January the book will be released and that will be it.

I was very sad when Jordan dies, not just because WoT was unfinished but for all the other stories he’d left unwritten. And while Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickmman’s Dragonlance Chronicles where what focused my desire to write fantasy fiction, Jordan’s Wheel of Time showed me what it could be like when up ramped the scale up.

Sanderson now turns to Stormlight Archives 2 – which is great. I really liked The Way of Kings and do wnat more of that series.

I now looked forward to January with excitement… and sadness.

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