The Tomb

Zarabel stood before the doorway. Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes and opened her mind to the Eye of Eternity. The light of Asai, the force and form of creation, filled her inner vision and her skin tingled.

Art by Jannis Mayr

It wasn’t like that for everyone, she knew. The tingling in the skin. Her teachers could not explain it other than to say that while Asai may touch the body in different ways, it always flooded the mind with its beauty when those who could see it opened their third eye.

She took another breath, letting the life force of the universe fill her and steadied her nerves. She had read the map correctly. This was the place. It had to be. The ArchCiralys of Isoliere claimed all the tombs of the Summoners had been accounted for, and if not ransacked by fools looking for wealth and power, then stripped of all there secrets by the Ciralys in the centuries since the Sundering.

But she had seen the records. This tomb, high in the uncharted reaches of Kalay, had not been listed in the Great Library.

She had not told anyone of her discovery in the catacombs under Isoliere. She did not plan on sharing whatever she found with anyone. Not until she had determined whether or not the tomb contained a Tome of Ascension. If she managed to find one… She could not contain the grin that stretched her lips and the warmth of Asai shivered within her.

She breathed deeply again as she had been taught, and opened her eyes. With care she let a tiny fraction of the Light she held to bleed from her eyes.

In the air before the sealed door, circular wards of Asairic runes began to glow.

She was right! This was the tomb of a Sahrin.

For the briefest moment she paused. No Summoner had walked the Broken Continent for nearly two thousand years. Who knew what was locked away behind those doors.

She straightened her shoulders. There was only one way to find out. Taking another breath she raised her hand and began to trace Asairic runes of unlocking in the air before her.

Flashfiction set in the world of my #WiP

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