Lotus Blue

Lotus Blue By Cat Sparks Seventeen-year-old Star and her sister Nene are orphans, part of a thirteen-wagon caravan of nomadic traders living hard lives travelling the Sand Road. Their route cuts through a particularly dangerous and unforgiving section of the Dead Red Heart, a war-ravaged desert landscape plagued by rogue semi-sentient machinery and other monsters […]

The Last Mortal Bond

The Last Mortal BondThe Unhewn ThroneBy Brian Staveley Death is near, armies are gathered, and the future rests on a knife-edge. The Annurian Empire is losing a war on two fronts – and it’s unclear who is in command. Adare is stationed in the thick of battle and now calls herself Emperor. However, she can’t […]

Last, Now, Next

I’m jumping on the band wagon a little late here but I just saw this on Walker of Worlds who saw it on SF Signal so… What book did you read last? Last, I read “King of Thorns” by Mark Lawrence, review here. What book are you reading now? Now, I am reading “The White […]