Mage’s Blood

You may recall I posted about this title back in July (it truly doesn’t feel that long ago) and it had a different cover.

That cover has been updated.

Mage’s Blood
Moontide Quartet #1
By David Hair

The Moontide Bridge is about to open. The world trembles on the brink of cataclysm…

Most of the time the Moontide Bridge lies deep below the sea, but every 12 years the tides sink and the bridge is revealed, its gates open for trade.

The Magi are hell-bent on ruling this new world, and for the last two Moontides they have led armies across the bridge on “crusades” of conquest. Now the third Moontide is almost here and, this time, the people of the East are ready for a fight… but it is three seemingly ordinary people that will decide the fate of the world.

Not bad. I didn’t mind the previous cover but thought the orange was a little too similar to Evie Manieri’s Blood’s Pride. 
Unfortunately I don’t have a reading copy to look at so I will have to decide if I actually want to purchase it when it comes out – Pan Macmillan are very difficult to get a hold of. It sounds promising so we shall see.
In the meantime I shall continue with The Red Knight by Miles Cameron. Despite the cover it is awesome!
Oh! And I got my second review up on the Booktopia blog – of course you read it here first but still, it’s cool 🙂

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