The guardsman was blissfully unaware as Dalmanes pushed himself out of the wall and back into the material plain. The light of Telumisere rippled around him and if the man had been paying attention that should have given him ample warning that something was amiss. The only light in the courtyard was from torches – none of which were green.⁠

But the guard wasn’t paying attention. Truth be told the courtyard within the keep should have been secure. Any normal attack would begin from the outer walls. But the man was a guard, it was his duty to be vigilant. Dalmanes had little care for anyone who was so complacent, so lax. That the man was about to lose his life for his failure was a fit punishment.⁠

Dalmanes had judged his incursion care and he emerged from the stones just above the guards head. He pulled his arm back, sword in hand, and focused the strength of the Earth through his veins. ⁠

Without a sound he swung the sword down and across the guards body, the blade slicing through the chainmail and piercing the mans heart. The guard let out a gurgle and Dalmanes, pulling himself more fully into the physical world, caught the guard as he slumped and lowered him to the ground.

Across the courtyard more guardsmen fell as the Emerald Knights began their assault.⁠

Flash fiction set in the world of my #WiP⁠

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