For three millennia the Sahrin – men and women marked by the Eye of Eternity and gifted with the ability to summon beings from other dimensions – led humanity to heights undreamt of by their star-faring forefathers. In their pursuit of power and immortality, ten Summoners opened a gateway to the Void and fell prey to daemonic possession. The war that followed destroyed the civilization the Summoners had built, and the Sundering changed the face of the world forever.

At the war’s end a Seer foresaw that with the tear in the Veil, daemons would forever more hunt those born with the Mark of the Summoner. Since that time, though records held in the Shrines of the Elder Gods venerate the Sahrin as saviours, the people have feared the Summoners as destroyers. Any child born with the Mark, or any man or woman upon whom it appears, is executed before they might fall to possession and unleash forces that cannot be controlled.

But in the chaotic years after the Sundering, other Seers were plagued with conflicting visions and prophecies. They saw that the Summoners would return and that the daemons hordes would also come again. And that an Empyros – the most powerful of all Summoners – would be born. And in his hands, he would hold the world’s salvation or its destruction.