The Blood of the Spear
The Eye of Eternity Book One

The Blood of the Spear is currently sitting at approx 187,000 words. The final draft of this manuscript is with my editor for review. The goal is to start querying in mid-to-late 2020, although given the word count I think it more likely that I will be self-publishing.

The Towers of the Stars
The Eye of Eternity Book Two

While waiting for the final word on book one, I am pushing on with book two – no resting on laurels here (I procrastinate way too much for that to be true /sigh).


Serving Justice – sitting at approx 4000 words and going through some re-writes/edits at present.

Set in the universe of The Eye of Eternity, Serving Justice is a ‘character/background’ sketch of a secondary character in The Blood of the Spear. It relates a formative event in this characters past that goes on to define the rest of his life.

Starwell – sitting at approximately 8000 words and also going through re-writes/edits.

Another tale set within the universe of The Eye of Eternity, Starwell follows a young girl as she flees her home and her people, and unwittingly steps onto a stage larger than she could possibly imagine.