Onwards and Upwards

Well I finally pulled my finger out – after much procrastinating and worrying – and continued with my third draft today.

It now stands at 60% rewritten. Yay me!

Now I need to keep going and come back to rewrite chapter 25 completely at when I am done. The next half of chapter 26, which I will do tomorrow, is a massive rewrite also. I feel like I am back in 1st draft territory and I loathe first drafting. It took me years to get this done. Okay it’s still taking me years, but I feel like I am going backwards a bit.

Yes the story will be better for it but sheesh…

It’s freaking hard work.

Any author who tells you otherwise is lying.

And as a side note – I have truly come to despise writers who tell you how interesting they think their characters are and how awesome their magic systems are, and that you’ll have so much fun reading their work.  Quite frankly it’s up to the reader to decide that not the writer, and any writer who does so is just big noting themselves.

Ok. End rant.

So tomorrow we chuck out what has been done and start from scratch (just of this part of the chapter).  Still a long way to go.

Oh. I’ve also been making plans. Given how long this book is and that some people are already screaming at me that I am shooting myself in both feet before I begin if I want to be published, I have come up with a plan I’d be happy with if I had to compromise and split the book from what I originally envisioned.

I’m not doing it yet. I will finish it as I started it. And I will submit it that way too. However I will offer the publisher I submit to a note explaining that if it turns into a case of ‘I like it but it’s too long’ then it can be split.

Anyway. That’s a long way off yet.

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Where is all the ‘really good’ epic fantasy going?

There is a lot of fantasy out there, and many of it wears the trapping of ‘epic’ but when you get down to it’s just bland – and often ‘breaks the fourth wall’. Honestly I am beginning to think that many authors these days are just lazy. I mean I know they are not – I know the effort required to finish a first draft, let alone the re-writes, but come on… you know what I mean?

This is becoming an regular rant of mine, but here I am trawling through my over flowing bookshelves (at home, not in the store) looking for something to read and coming up short.
An example. It really pisses me off when I get a book that has great world building, really epic and original stuff – inventive, fully formed and unique – and then they lift what is essentially a model of the Catholic Church and dump it into their fantasy world with only the smallest of tweaks to make it fit. But it doesn’t fit. It sticks out like a sore thumb. And it’s really frustrating. The author has gone to so much trouble building their world only to drop the ball with this?
Yeah, I know there is some great stuff coming (Michelle West’s new one is out next week, and Rothfuss’ is due in March etc) but I’m looking for something now.

It’s just disappointing. And it’s also annoying when you get ‘reviewers’ reading books by writers like Scott Lynch who a brilliant job (for the most part) and snidely make comments like ‘but where is the fantasy?’ because it’s not dripping in magic – um, ever read GRRM?

There was a time that the market was awash in true epic fantasy – what happened? Is it publisher pressure or is this all they are being offered? Is it the market or marketing?
I am sure as hell going make sure that I don’t go that route with my own work.

– end rant.