State of Play

Mark gives an update and outlines his state of play for 2021.


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Mark's bookshelf


The Blood of the Spear 100%
The Towers of the Stars 1%

The Wild Road

The Wild RoadKaravans #3By Jennifer RobersonBUY IT Alisanos, the deepwood, is more than just a forest… …it is sentient, and predatory. Home to demons and worse, its mercurial boundaries can suddenly shift miles in any direction to encompass previously safe human lands – and those taken by the deepwood are forever changed. Audrun, a human…

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Cover Art: Knife-Sworn

Knife-SwornTower and Knife #2By Mazarkis Williams After years locked in a tower, Prince Sarmin has come into his own. He has been crowned emperor; he has wed Mesema of the horse tribes; the Pattern-Master is dead. Everything should be happy-ever-after. But war has begun, Sarmin has no royal assassin, and both his wife and mother…

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