What I’ve Been Reading

So, I finished The Twilight Herald for a second time this past week – and I must say I enjoyed it much more than I had Stormcaller. I still had issues with Lloyds lack of what I can only call explaination. I know you find a lot of writers these days going for minimal ‘info-dump’ and that’s great, but even authors like Erikson who land you smack-bang in the middle of events with little point of reference pepper their work with event landmarks that give the reader something to buikd a picture with. The use of a glossary would be good here – at least Lloyd does use a character list which I found myself referring to quite often as I read to recall just who particular characters were. That’s not something I find myself doing often as I read (usually). But that being said Twilight Herald is a dark and broody novel, Lloyds dialogue is fantastic and Zhia Vukotic is one of the best characters I’ve ever read.

I am now reading The Unremembered by Peter Orullian – the great folk at Tor sent me through an ARC – and yes I am reading this even though I have in my hands The Crippled God by Steven Erikson. That will come next but as I beging writing the second draft of my ‘epic’ it might take me longer than I’d like to get through it.

But of course the most exciting news to pass my desk this week is that Janny Wurts has handed in the manuscript of the latest volume of The Wars of Light and Shadow to her editior at HarperColins in the UK (thanks to Laneth for the heads up! – I really need to pay more attention to her forums /sigh). Now I shall begin to bombard my contacts there with emails to get a copy for review – I can’t wait!

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