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The Fall of Lautun
Arrandin Trilogy Book 3
by Marcus Herniman.
In this triumphant conclusion to The Arrandin Trilogy, the author completes the weaving of his tale with a sure hand. The stirring of the Ancient Enemy gathers in strength and armies of the Souther Empire threaten the Six Kingdoms from across the sea, while the movement of the Vashtar priesthood to eradicate the worship of the elder gods gathers momentum, spilling over into the enclaves of the Mage Council itself.
Kellarn and his companions continue to search for the pieces of the Old World weapon that, once united, will give the Lautun Empire a chance to defeat the Enemy and his minions.

Mage Councillor Rhysana continues on the path to discovering the key to the teachings of Archmage Illana, which will unlock access to a magic unseen since the Golden Age of the Council.

This is a great story and I can’t wait for more from Mr Herniman.

The Isles of Glory Book 2
by Glenda Larke.

The second book in the Isles of Glory Trilogy continues Blaze Halfbreed and Flame Windrider’s dangerous quest to rid the Isles of the evil dunmaster Morthred.

Picking up where we left off in The Aware, Larke introduces us to a new character, Kelwyn Gilfeather, whose remarkable gifts in sensing both Sylv and Dun magic make him as impervious to both as one of the Aware folk.

In this book, Larke reveals more of the Isles unique and treacherous beauty, while the sharp prose and witty dialogue creates a steady pace that moves this unique story along without a hitch. This is a great series and quite different to your run-of-the-mill quest Fantasy.

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