I should be writing

Yes, really I should.

As days go today was not the best and I find I am not in a mood conductive to getting work (writing work) done.

However I will sit down at my laptop after dinner and attempt to finish my daily quota.

Speaking of Epic Fantasy I saw a post on A Dribble of Ink today about the cover of a forthcoming title from Tor called The Unremembered, Book One of the Vault of Heaven by Peter Orullian.

I love Epic Fantasy. I know people poo poo it as rehashed and boring – and sure a lot of it is – but I don’t mind so much the retelling of a particular story line so long as the writing is good, captures my attention and gives me something fresh.

Naturally I have no idea what The Unremembered will be like but I do like the sound of it. here’s the blurb as found on Aidan’s site:

The gods, makers of worlds, seek to create balance—between matter and energy; and between mortals who strive toward the transcendent, and the natural perils they must tame or overcome. But one of the gods fashions a world filled with hellish creatures far too powerful to allow balance; he is condemned to live for eternity with his most hateful creations in that world’s distant Bourne, restrained by a magical veil kept vital by the power of song.
Millennia pass, awareness of the hidden danger fades to legend, and both song and veil weaken. And the most remote cities are laid waste by fell, nightmarish troops escaped from the Bourne. Some people dismiss the attacks as mere rumor. Instead of standing against the real threat, they persecute those with the knowledge, magic and power to fight these abominations, denying the inevitability of war and annihilation. And the evil from the Bourne swells….
The troubles of the world seem far from the Hollows where Tahn Junell struggles to remember his lost childhood and to understand words he feels compelled to utter each time he draws his bow. Trouble arrives when two strangers—an enigmatic man wearing the sigil of the feared Order of Sheason and a beautiful woman of the legendary Far—come, to take Tahn, his sister and his two best friends on a dangerous, secret journey. Tahn knows neither why nor where they will go. He knows only that terrible forces have been unleashed upon mankind and he has been called to stand up and face that which most daunts him—his own forgotten secrets and the darkness that would destroy him and his world.


Now that sounds right up my alley! But it’s not due until April 2011 /cry.
I wonder if Tor would send me a an ARC? Pan MacMillan distribute Tor locally – I’ll have to harass ask my rep.
In other exciting new my hardback copies of The Painted Man and The Desert Spear arrived today. Yes, I’ve read both books before but I didn’t have hardback editions. When Peter V. Brett was in Sydney a couple of weeks ago we had a signing at the store (and I got to have dinner with him too!) and I grabbed a couple of bookplates and ordered my HB copies to put them in. And my copy of The Painted Man turned out to be a First Edition – score!
And tomorrow my new PC is meant to be delivered – now that’s exciting!

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