The Archives

Are getting a spring clean… so to speak.
Because I ahve been so lax in getting posts up I am now reaching into my own reveiewing past and shaking the dust off some old faves… these don’t fair too badly (given I dislike being told I have to write a review rather than just writing one because).
So, The Seige of Arrandin review has just gone up, more will follow.
I have not stopped writing new material, it’s just sometimes weeks a can go by what with running the shop and doing my own work before I can get something up.

So in the meantime…. enjoy, new books are great but there are some older titles that are still well worth a read too.

1 thought on “The Archives

  1. I enjoy reading older books. It seems like far too many reviewers focus only on newer reads. I will appreciate your archives. Thanks for pointing them out to me 🙂

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