Pushing the Edge

of my comfort zone.

Now on my shelf:

By Terry Dowling

Terry is the author I read when I want to challenge myself. He is a brilliant writer but is writing is not the sort that is found in regular mass market works, in fact I’d probably go so far as to say his writing, while still genre,  has more of the feel you’d find in books shelved in the ‘literature’ section of a bookshop.

I won’t read it all in one go, but I will read it. I might even learn something too.


I’ve put my ‘secret’ book down and am launching myself head long into Sanderson’s The Way of Kings, and I am finding myself pleasantly surprised. I am not very far into it as yet (hopefully I’ll be able to spend sometime over the weekend reading solidly) but what I have read I am quite enjoying.

2 thoughts on “Pushing the Edge

  1. I've never even heard of Terry Dowling. Is that terrible? I can't wait to see what you think of “The Way of Kings.” The hold list at my library is about as long as my arm and the stupid library doesn't even have the book yet. At this rate, I might turn 95 before I get my hands on a copy… haha

  2. Lol no that's not terrible at all 😀 He is very well regarded but has built a career around short fiction via small press. Subterranean Press and PS Publishing and the like put out collections of his work as they can.

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